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Allen & Page Calm & Condition

Calm & Condition®

For Topline Without The Barley

• For horses and ponies at rest to hard work

• Ideal for horses and ponies that need to put on or maintain condition

• Highly digestible with high fibre energy sources

• Suitable for horses and ponies with intolerances to barley and molasses

• Contains a unique pre and probiotic blend Calm & Condition® is a soaked feed for horses who need to put on or maintain condition and is suitable for some breeds of youngstock.

Calm & Condition® is also used successfully for competition horses who are working hard. Formulated without barley, Calm & Condition® is suitable for horses with a true barley intolerance. Being low in starch and high in fibre, Calm & Condition® also contains good levels of linseed and soya oils. Balanced with vitamins and minerals and also includes premium grade herbs to help promote optimum condition. Used by Pippa and William Funnell.