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Herbilix Original

The healthy low sugar lick for horses HerbiLIX Original is an innovative nutritional lick for horses, which is neither a plain salt block or molassed lick. A unique horse mineral supplement as the formula and manufacturing methods ensure that the product is extremely palatable, whilst only containing less than 8% sugar.

As a feed balancer for horses, HerbiLIX Original gives your horse a free access source of vitamins and minerals to top us their diet as and when they need to.

Yeast is included to support condition and a healthy digestive system and Devon Bank™ herbs maintain all round well being.

HerbiLIX Orginal helps to stimulate natural trickle feeding and can therefore help relieve boredom whilst stabled, or it is equally suitable for use in the field.

HerbiLIX Original contains no artificial colours or flavours and can safely be given to horses prone to weight gain or laminitis.

Key benefits of HerbiLIX Original:

Low sugar and low molasses formula containing less than 8% sugar, HerbiLIX are non sticky and mess free whilst remaining extremely palatable.

They are kind to the waistline and even safe for laminitics due to the low NSC content. Balanced source of vitamin and minerals to support health and vitality.

Yeast supports a healthy digestive system for horses on grass or forage based diets to help maintain condition.

Devon BankTM herbs, a blend of healthy herbs to put natural herbage back in the modern horse’s diet.

Encourages natural trickle feeding, stimulating the horse to eat little and often to help minimize boredom for stabled horses and subsequent stereotypical behaviour such as crib biting.






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