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Honeychop Calm & Shine Chaff

Honeychop Calm & Shine is a blend of chopped oat straw with dried grass, marigold, nettle, mint, camomile and oil and a very low sugar dressing.

Packed in 12.5kg recyclable bags and made with only the finest ingredients it is the perfect fibre feed for your horse and pony.

Honeychop Calm & Shine is an excellent fibre choice if your horse or pony is a little excitable or if you just want great condition and ease of riding.

Honeychop Calm & Shine is low in sugar and starch, providing a slow realise of limited controlled energy from high quality, digestible fibre and oil based ingredients, making it an excellent feed for horse and ponies that are easily excited.

Our carefully selected blend of herbs in Honeychop Calm & Shine will make your horse or pony shine from the inside out.

Marigolds are known to contain antioxidants, which help against digestive inflammation. They are a rich source of vitamins A and C and are high in oil. This means that not only will your horse or pony benefit from external coat shine, but they will also receive internal benefits from these little yellow flowers.

Camomile soothes the nervous system and helps horses or ponies to relax and sleep better. It is great at soothing an upset stomach by helping to relax the muscle and lining of the intestines. Camomile can help with poor digestion and can aid calm muscle spasms. It induces a calming effect which helps relieve stress, tension and settles nerves. Camomile is not only great at calming but it also has a antibacterial property that can help protect against bacterial related illness or infection. It also promotes a healthy coat with its anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties, and can help in clearing up skin irritations and allergies

Nettle is one of the most natural beneficial herbs, containing protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, beta-carotene, along with vitamins A,C,D and B complex. This means nettle helps promote coat shine and has calming properties.

Mint is germicidal and a breath freshener. It takes care of oral health by inhibiting harmful bacterial growth inside the mouth by cleaning the tongue and teeth. Mint is a good digestive aid and an excellent appetiser making it very appealing to fussy feeders.

The inclusion of oil helps horses and ponies maintain strong hooves, glossy coats and better all-round condition. It is a great source of natural Omega 3, and an important aid to digestion. It is also known to have beneficial effects for horses with stiff joints.

Dried Grass is high in quality protein for muscle development and helps with overall condition.

Please note that the herbs are only added in small quantities and to achieve maximum benefit you may need to provide extra herbal supplements to your horse or pony

Honeychop Calm & Shine also contains limestone flour which is a calcium supplement for horses and vital for healthy growth, strong bones, teeth and hooves.

Composition: Oat Straw, Dried Grass, Molasses, Limestone Flour, Marigold, Mint, Oil, Camomile, Nettle, Natural Preservative

Nutrient Analysis: Crude Fibre 29%, Crude Protein 9%, Crude Oil 5%

Crude Ash 10%, Total Sugars (as sucrose) 9%, Sodium 0.3%

Digestible Energy 8MJ/kg