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Honeychop Original Chaff

Honeychop Original is a lightly molassed high fibre oat straw chaff with the addition of limestone flour and salt. You can be sure your horse or pony has a palatable feed that also provides an adequate level of calcium and salt in its diet.

Honeychop original is ideal to mix with a concentrate feed to increase chewing time, digestibility and keep your horse occupied for longer and can also be used as a partial hay replacer when forage is short. 

Packed in 12.5kg recyclable bags prepared with our unique production process that ensures that the product is evenly mixed throughout. 

Only the best quality Conservation Grade oat straw is used which helps preserve the wildlife and flora of the British countryside. It is chopped to the required length for optimum digestibility. 

Honeychop is NOPS accredited which means only the highest standard of ingredients are sourced from approved suppliers, with full traceability from the packaged product right back to the field where it was grown. 

Honeychop Original contains salt and limestone flour for added minerals. 

Limestone Flour is a calcium supplement for horses, which is vital for healthy growth, strong bones, teeth and hooves. 

Salt is an essential mineral required by a horse to function normally; a lack of salt can cause loss of performance. Honeychop contains salt at a rate of 25 grams per Kg which is the recommended amount for an average horse in light work in a moderate climate 

Composition: Oatstraw, Molasses, Limestone, Salt, Natural Preservative

Nutrient Analysis: Crude Fibre 24%, Crude Protein 5%, 

Crude Ash 14%, Total Sugars (as sucrose) 11%, Sodium 0.1%

Digestible Energy 8 MJ/kg