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Keyflow Pink Mash

Pink Mash™ is the latest scientific innovation in soaked fibre feeding. With super-fibre, beetroot, micronised linseed, prebiotics and Protexin® probiotics, this super food nurtures and supports the hindgut health in all horses and ponies.

Pink Mash™ can also be used for a partial hay/forage replacement and to restore hydration.

Why Pink Mash™ is Heaven for the Hindgut:

35% Fibre Highly-digestible Suitable for fussy feeders due to its palatability

Contains beetroot to support muscle function

Virtually no sugar (0.5%) Low starch to maintain gastric, muscular and digestive health

Suitable for horses with ulcers or those prone to colic

Contains high-levels of Protexin® Probiotic to stabilise and support hindgut health

Feed with any diet – no vitamins and minerals means there is no risk of imbalance Soaks in 5-10 minutes

Great for senior horses that struggle to chew