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Thunderbrook Synergy

Synergy (Formerly Base Mix) A concentrated balanced base feed. Ideal for all horses of all disciplines.

Contains the essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, nucleic acids, natural vitamins, minerals, over 100 anti-oxidants, metabolic cofactors and other micro-nutrients in a form both bioavailable and clean.

One 15kg sack contains sufficient feed for a horse in light work for 30 days.

No fillers, binders, pelleting agents, preservatives or chemically synthesised micro-nutrients are included.

All Ingredients have been carefully sourced to avoid fertiliser, pesticide, herbicide and other chemical treatments, preservatives, mould inhibitors, etc.

Wherever possible and whilst trying to keep costs low. All Ingredients have been carefully processed to minimise denaturation of the essential macro and micro nutrients.

Contains No wheat, wheatfeed, oatfeed, soya, legumes, sugar beet, molasses, alfalfa, soya oil, corn oil, mixed vegetable oil or waste by-products from human oat or wheat food milling and production.

Superior Ratio of beneficial omega-3 polyunsaturates, high quality oil, high quality protein, extremely low sugar and starch feed.

Added prebiotics, probiotics, fruits, herbs and botanicals in generous amounts, providing functional foods to nutritionally support a healthy gut environment.

No need to add other supplements such as probiotics, magnesium calmers, oils, etc






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